Supporting our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to thrive as global citizens wherever their future takes them.

Our Values

A Repton education combines breadth of subject with depth of experience, both in and out of the classroom. Our values provide the foundation for all pupils to thrive. A Repton pupil is a happy, balanced, well-rounded young person.


Founded on a deep regard for common humanity.


Of the person in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavors.


The goal of a life-long process of learning.


As an aspiration for all, in every pursuit, both individual and collaborative.

Our Aims

To be educated at Repton is to enter a world with a unique combination of competencies and qualities. Our aim is to produce young people who are:

  • Globally aware and internationally-minded

  • Intellectually curious, culturally informed and spiritually alive

  • Socially conscious, internationally minded and environmentally aware

  • Happy, resilient, robust, self-motivated and confident

  • Committed to excellence in all that they do

  • Technologically literate


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