We look forward to meeting you to discuss a Repton Cairo education.


Step 1 - Online admission

The admission process begins with the completion of our online admission form.

Step 2 – Parent visit and interview

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, interviews may have to be conducted virtually.

Step 3 – Child admission assessment

  • When applicable, our admissions team will contact you to schedule a tour with your child to visit our campus, and for your child to complete their admission assessment.
  • The assessment process focuses on the whole child in terms of their social competence, maturity and behaviour.
  • In terms of assessment, observed play in the Foundation Department will be replaced by more formal, age appropriate, assessments in Reading, Mathematics and English for entry into Year 1 upward. The whole process is designed to ensure, as far as possible, that children who are accepted can thrive both academically and socially at Repton Cairo.
  • Following the assessment you will receive an email to move forward with the admission process.


Step 4 - Admission of child and submission of required documents

Places will be offered to children who have successfully completed admission procedures and academic entrance assessments.


Book to visit Repton Cairo campus at Mivida.


Apply for pupils from EYFS to Year 6.