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At Repton, we develop our pupil’s moral integrity and compassion, their intellectual and emotional resilience, and their collaborative and problem solving competence. Preparation for the reality of life involves learning a variety of skills and values.

We nurture competence and confidence, and develop an individual’s skills and moral compass.

Reptonians receive an education designed to help them thrive and contribute long after their years at school. Learning takes a variety of forms and extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We are committed to helping our pupils engage with the wider world both physically and intellectually.

The value of charity and community service is instilled in our children alongside an appreciation of the need to care for the environment.

Opportunities for the development of physical and mental resilience are built into the outdoor and adventurous activities programme along with school camps that play a vital and enjoyable part in our Outdoor Learning Programme.


Apply for pupils from Pre-School to Year 9.


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