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At Repton Cairo, pupils benefit from collaborative learning through anytime, anywhere access to learning materials and fluid communication between pupils and teachers. Digital and blended learning allows for collaborative experiences both on and off campus, where the learning experience is digitally enhanced.

Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and the use of tablets is central to the learning experience at Repton Cairo.

From the age of 3 onwards, our pupils are each equipped with their own tablet. Technology is fully integrated across the curriculum.

Learning at Repton Cairo is powered with the latest Apple hardware and is supported by Microsoft technology.

The campus is equipped with AI along with a wide variety of cutting edge technologies such as , AR and VR learning equipment, STEAM labs, and Robotics labs. Our aim is to nurture our pupil’s engagement and knowledge retention by encouraging, individual learning, collaboration and active learning.


Apply for pupils from Pre-School to Year 9.


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